Sunday, September 10, 2006

An open letter to Ten Sports

I'm livid. You deprived me of the pleasure of watching a gripping match, by cutting into ads at crucial points. Yes, I said DURING the match, the US Open semifinal between Andy Roddick and Michail Youzhny.
I'm especially angry because you chose to dip into those ads, when the third set tie-breaker was on - during what could be termed the turning point of the match. The two players are tied a set apiece, and what happens - you cut into those miserable ads. And this wasn't the first time during the match mind you. And this wasn't the first match you've done this during this year's US Open too.

I'm tempted to say I will never use those products you advertised during that match. Yes, yes those disgusting catchlines are still repeating with annoying consistency in my head still. But of course, you know that I may not be able to stick to my promise. Better still, would be to boycott your channel. But then of course, I'm just one sports buff, among the millions in this country. My only hope is that, others who (didn't) saw this match would feel that same.

Cheers to your staggeringly insensitive policy. I hope you rot in hell.