Monday, July 04, 2005

Fade out

Companies do this regularly, they chop off side businesses and focus on core competencies. Even I'd done it once before, but I suppose I didn't learn from the experience. It was back in college when I was a in a band, heavily involved in cultural activities and had a hectic social life too. I had to cut something out - and after a lot of thought, I quit the band, as I did not have the drive to become a really good guitarist.
Now, 6 years on, it's happened again. Straddling too many worlds, I find I cannot devote a 100 percent to everything I've taken on. Cannot be good at work, read books, watch movies, work out, and devote time to the three blogs that I currently run. So I've decided to stay off blogging for a while. I will continue to discuss issues in the Indian tv news industry in jumpcutindia, because that's close to what I do for a living and is linked to my future plans. And the third blog? Well, I'm an anonymous voice there.

See you again in the future though! Those wishing to contact me, can simply leave a comment.